What is Holistic Massage?

Healing is a body/mind activity-- it's a holistic matter...

My job is to enhance your healing experience--using 30+ years' experience and a few tricks that I've learned along the way.

Self-care is a big part of feeling better and I can help you learn how as we explore your patterns and tissue issues.

Schedule a massage in Oxford, Ohio or a Self-care class in the Tri-state area:
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Gini Maddocks, LMT

Areas of expertise

Licensed Massage Therapist, educated in:

  Swedish massage, Neuromuscular Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofacial Release, Trager, Reflexology, Strain/Counterstrain, Cranial-Sacral

1  hour session,        $85
1/2  hour.                     45
1 1/4,                            105
1. 1/2                            125

 R&R: Rescue and Relief at the Computer